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Aloha! Last week h&m came out with their new “fashion against aids”-line. The all over theme is festival. So there are loads of maxi dresses and cool prints. They even have a tent! The collection has things for guys and girls. There are also two very nice statement necklaces. Alsmost everything is sold out on the homepage so i’m gonna run to to the store tomorrow and see if the have the cute as hell dress.


Cute promo pictures ;D

Personal picks :


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Let’s pop ;D

Óla! Even though the weather in Austria sucks right now (it’s raining 24/7) i want to share something for the summertime with you. The Chanel cosmetics summer/spring line, which has the really cool name “les pop-up de Chanel”. The name is such a perfect match because the collection is stuffed with hot pinks. Also the promo-picture is freakin’ amazing. i love it so much. do you think i could get a poster of this?! (someone hook me up!)

The collection includes:

3 la vernis (mistral, nouvelle vague, riviera)

3 rouge allure (super, darling, génial)

2 gloss fluo de chanel (laser pop) 1 lévres scinillantes (bikini peach)

2 soleil tan de chanel (Terre Hâlêe, Terre D’Or)

My personal picks would be the nouvelle vague nail polish and the lipstick in génial and super.

  • The nail polish: because the colour instantly gives every outfit a touch of spring. It is quite similar to MACs peppermint patty. so if you have that i wouldn’t spend the money on that one.
  • The lipstick:
    génial: i really like the orange touch to this red lipstick. the only product i could compare it to is lady danger by MAC. that would rather be a orange. so that makes this one pretty unique.
    super: look at the picture. that’s all i’m saying.

The lip glosses look pretty nice too but i don’t think they are outstanding. same thing with the bronzers. considering that you don’t just buy something from Chanel. it’s not like buying chap-stick.

Kisses Katie

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It’s out of control!

I really really really want those shoes! As you may know Pierre Hardy has designed a footwear line for the gap. Which is awesome. Those babies down there are 110$ and that’s totally okay. Because what you get is a mostly leather shoe with a 5 1/2” heel and a 2” platform. And now the sad thing The Gap is not shipping to Europe! WHY?! why are you doing this to me? My last hope right now is eBay. but we’ll see how it turns out. you might not understand why i’m going that crazy but those are just the cutest shoes ever. and you can exchange the flower ribbon with other ones and you can be all matchy matchy. i have to calm down now.

So have a good night sleeping. kisses Katie

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Put it in a Box

Today i wanna write about inspiration. you can get it everywhere. architecture. photography. sculptures. but also completely different things like …  food or whatever you can imagine. but what do you do when you’ve found your inspiration?  what i like to do is taking pictures or cutting out things from magazines and put those in my “box of inspiration”. I also collect little items. in it. 

So this it how it looks. I basically grabbed a box of chocolates took out the plastic (ate the chocolate :D) and glued white paper on it. it smells awesome. after that i decorated it with some pictures i cut out of magazines.


close up of the inside. mainly magazine stuff. cause that’s kind of what i wanna do later on in my life. i want girls to cut out the pictures i put in the magazine.

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An Outfit #1

So i thought of something i’m gonna call “an outfit”. Where i’m showing you outfits i put together and look nice. So here we go :D


  • Vitage Purse from the fleemarket (10€ !!)
  • Fake Pearl Necklace (15€)
  • White shirt with flower-bow detail
  • Black tight jersey skirt (5€)
  • Blue Cardigan(10€)
  • all above from H&M
  • Black tights
  • Black suede Heels from Buffalo (99€)

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Make-Up Table

I came home from vacation today. From sunny italy to rainy austria. So … that sucks. But perfect for taking some pictures.

Here we go with my little Make up Table. This is where i do my make-up every day. The coloured cups are from ikea as well as the mirror. The little pink and black thing i made myself.

Some Brushes from MAC, the body shop, h&m and the drugstore.

I broke that mirror like a minute after i took the picture :,D

Some Lip-Stuff mostly from the drugstore or MAC.

Powder, Q-Tips, pink Lipstick, MAC concealer and eyeliner.

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Who’s She?!

So this must be my first post. Well I’m Katie, 15 Years old. I’m a fashion student. I love photographie, make-up, shoes, and nailpoish. My favourite book is Momo. I have to tell you that the only reason why i’m posting this random “intoduction” is becouse i don’t want to start right away since that would be … weird. But whatever i really look forward to updating this.

So … have a nice day <3